Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Woodford Festival: Rogerthat

Woodford is done and we're stoked with the way the new set and the band went down.
We'll have some footage up in the next few days of the last gig at the Grande, which went real well.
meantime it's back to the demo-ing and ... working out our master plan.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

demo's - NEW for Rog ...

Keying up for Woodford, we've got Ian playing keys and Mick drumming and the thing is sounding huge.
We've got a couple of demo's that we've been working on in the shed and we'll be bringing a few copies of them to give away to the faithful at the festival.
They'll be 3 songs long - but don't worry that's a new version of 19, with a mystery guest song jumping out of the cake in the middle, plus a newie Summer Has Gone and another remake of Midnight Sun, also pretty lengthy.
We're all real happy with them and think you might like 'em too.
cheers, R.T.

Monday, December 13, 2010

- rogerthat: more thinking, then woodford -

Ladies and gentlemen and children of the sun, Rogerthat are among us!

HI Faithful ...
Here at Rog HQ we've been squirreling away, combing some old song corn from our beards and working on transcribing our feelings into some sort of digestible form.
And we've come up with a new catchcry - ‘When I dance, I speak to aliens’ - well, to be honest one of our mates, Kent, came up with it when he was writing about us, but damn it's so applicable, we have to borrow it - thanks Kent.
And we're working on bending our sound again- - formatting our variety of music for the unheard, the down trodden and the just plain odd. Pushing the wild, unattached meter of our own lost generation.
Jamming the two sides of our personalities together: the (earlier) dubbish tone paisley philosophers and the (later) mystical moon-walking misfits.
And we're about to cast the results into the ether.

Jimmy has linked the wires of a discarded slot car set with an array of other rusted gadgets and the resulting pedal created a sound to turn air to cottage cheese.
Bailey has dropped his copies of Ghost Town  (12" extended mix natch), and Disraeli Gears in anticipation of the oracle. He's eaten Fruit Tingles every day for the last two weeks.
Solid! Upon his return, his only words were, ‘When I dance, I speak to aliens’

Can the hours spent in the darkness of the Rog-cave, training our minds to move things, be used for good?
Playing some new material (and some re-jigged old material) at Woodford Festival.

Dec 27 :: Trailer Trash :: Woodford
Dec 28 :: The Grande :: Woodford
Dec 31 :: The Grande :: Woodford

And the first new songs, now being recorded, dissected and regurgitated, will be out in February.
The album, working title - the Wooly Mammoth - will be out sometime ... late 2011.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

cheerin' cooly hotel shot

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Cooly on Sat night, we hope you liked our new material.
We've got a couple more sneaky christmas shows before we head out to Woodford and who knows ...
back out into the light of the world!
we're stoked to be heading back to the UK this year.
Lach took a pic of Sat night's crowd  - ok, it's a little blurry, you know, he was excited.
Thanks for the support.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

gig coming up ...

We're all stoked to have the Cooly hotel gig coming up this weekend. It's been a while now and we've all got a couple of new tracks to try out, might even slip in an acoustic song or two!
At the moment we're bringing our songs together and looking to get a couple of guests to maybe re-mix a couple of them before we finish them. We're looking at different ways to work.
Anyways this weekend we'll be onstage with Cool Calm and the Winnie Coopers. there's a big ad for it in this months GC Underground magazine, I'll see if I can find the link for it.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Timboktoe gig pic

I just found this pic.
It is, as far as I know, the only pic of one of the rockingest Rog gigs, this is taken at Timboktoe (Wijk Aan Zee) in Holland on a particularly wild night. This guy was one of about 20 people who were hanging off the rafters at one stage or another.
Stinging to get back and do it alll again.
Crazy Dutchies.